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Taking a seaside holiday can be wild, romantic, and a real adventure, and many people don’t often get away in winter time because the weather can be unpredictable at best, or plain bad at worst. There are plenty of ways of avoiding rain and cold weather though if you broaden your horizons and jet off to somewhere hot and steamy, and the Caribbean is one such destination that could help banish those winter blues. Winter time is an enjoyable time of year to jet away on an exotic holiday because most people are at home just getting through another cold winter so you can get more to yourself and appreciate it without the crowds.

Depending on where you find yourself you can enjoy a spot of wildlife watching, whether it be whales, dolphins, birds or fish. Many local boats and fishermen offer dolphin-watching tours either early in the morning or later in the evening when they are most playful. Whale watching is such a memorable experience and if you’re lucky enough to capture it on camera then you’ll be the envy of your friends and family. Salt water is very damaging to binoculars so if you want to take a pair then make sure they’re waterproof and equipped for the job. Don’t forget to take a decent digital camera with a good zoom and high image quality – you probably won’t be returning here so don’t be disappointed.

Head towards the sea and find a nice spot for some food. What better way to watch the sunset and spend time with friends than to crank up the barbeque and enjoy grilled fish, jacket potatoes and grilled plantains. The whole family can enjoy a winter break by playing sports together such as football and frisbee. If you’re staying in a beachside hotel then it’s nice to get out in the evening for a moonlight walk along the promenade. Oftentimes there are places along the water’s edge to try out some fun and games. There’s a fascination we have with the ocean that exerts a pull all year round.
David Glenfield is an expert travel and tourism author, and here is writing on the subject of Hotels in Lytham St Annes .

All around the world you will see beaches near cities as people move as close to the water as possible. There is something peaceful about watching a calm sea and when the weather turns it into an awesome vision of untamed wild glory, the view is even more spectacular. Looking out over the sea can be quite hypnotic, watching the surf bouncing onto the shore or the gulls wheeling gracefully overhead, forever on the lookout for fish and a bite to eat.

Our childhood memories often conjure up images of the beach, a seaside holiday, or playing in the waves, and it’s these memories that are the postcards in our minds as we grow up. A visit to any British seaside resort, particularly around Devon and Cornwall, wouldn’t be complete without a visit to a gallery or museum, where beautiful paintings and other works of art are on show. What finer way to spend a wet, windy day than inside a seaside art exhibition looking at the local works of art of seascapes, fishing boats and seagulls – it’s wonderful to let your imagination get carried away back to childhood memories.

Often times you can wander into the town hall or a museum to experience the town’s long acquaintance with the sea and get a feeling for what life used to be like there. Whiling away a few hours in such a place is a fascinating experience and reveals how much our lives have changed over the course of recent history. Britain has a long and proud maritime history, and being a country famous for its naval exploits and its fishing heritage, it’s no surprise that many coastal towns around the country are so proud to display this history to all its visitors who come looking for a fine hotel holiday.
David Glenfield is an expert travel and tourism author, and here is writing on the subject of Lytham St Annes Hotels.

British Seaside Holidays

Seaside holidays are a favourite of summer holiday makers in Britain. Once summer arrives the excitement of heading off to the coast for a few days is hard to beat. Summertime is the season that most people, particularly school-aged children released from studies while the break takes place, take advantage of the warm water, gentle waves and happy times that seem to blend right in with sand, breezes and laughter coming from all around.

There are numerous opportunities for outdoor activities, and weather permitting, many people take to the sea, either for swimming, surfing or just paddling with the kids. It’s usually possible to buy or rent everything you might need from a shop on or near to the beach, for example deckchairs, sun loungers, wind breaks or beach balls. Whether it is a boogie board, surfboard or large inner tube for a couple of kids to hang onto while riding the waves, vendors provide the answer.

If you’re a dog owner and going on holiday for more than a couple of days you may want to take your dog with you, so choosing a pet friendly hotel and beach are very important – the dog will certainly want to be part of the fun, especially down on the beach. Even if you do not have a furry friend to leap up and catch the round disc and impress everyone watching with the coordination displayed, tossing it to one another is fun and great exercise as the breeze likes to deter the path and send it several yards away.

Whether it’s a weekend, a bank holiday or a 2 week summer break, there’s nothing finer than escaping to the coast for some R and R. A top tip is to take a towel or beachmat to avoid getting sand in some uncomfortable places. Remember sunglasses and suntan lotion, find a shady spot, set the cooler nearby, filled with ice and drink, and enjoy the holiday!
David Glenfield is an expert travel and tourism author, and here is writing on the subject of Lytham St Annes Hotels.

Got plans to visit Lytham St Annes in the near future? Does a Bed and Breakfast float your boat? Sometimes a hotel stay can be a rather detached experience, being shut away and shielded from the very place you’re there to see. There are so many great bed and breakfasts to choose from that finding one shouldn’t be difficult.

It has to be said, there are lots of reasons why a bed and breakfast is better than a hotel. Generally speaking you’ll find that a B&B is cheaper than a hotel along the same stretch of road. The cost of running a hotel with all the staff and facilities means they turn out more expensive than a B&B. It’s unusual for a bed and breakfast to be owned by large international hotel chains, so you have a better chance of finding something truly individual and unique. The vast majority of bed and breakfasts are family owned & managed, and are therefore able to provide much more personalised service and care & attention to each guest. The owners, being local, will inevitably know the town really well and are perfectly placed to act as your tour guide and concierge while you’re in town. When you need to know a great local place to eat or a place to visit, your local family-owned B&B will know exactly what to recommend.

Let’s provide a few pointers then to help you find that perfect Bed and Breakfast in Lytham St Annes:

1) Go online and use the Maps function in the Google search engine. It’s a really easy way of finding local businesses – just put the town name into Google and it will bring back a whole list of relevant results – just click and away you go. So by doing that it’s easy to stay local and avoid travelling a long way in search of something to do.

2) Use travel directories that show B&B availability. It’s a useful strategy to get comparison information in price, quality and facilities. There’s a whole range of B&Bs available, from the boutique/luxury ones with sauna spas and sunset views to the cheap & cheerful ones offering functional rooms and great breakfasts.

3) Seek recommendations off your friends and family. It’s always great when you know somebody that’s already been to the same place so you can get the low-down and some invaluable tips & advice. It makes sense that we’re heavily influenced by what our friends or work colleagues say – we’re far more likely to listen to what they have to say. So good word of mouth is key to making a great choice.
David Glenfield is an expert travel and tourism author, and here is writing on the subject of Bed and Breakfast in Lytham St Annes .

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